Monday, 13 June 2016

M50455 Restoration Update

After the application of the first coat of primer on M50455's No2 side, a start was made on flatting it off before applying subsequent coats.

The major task of sanding and filling has been progressing on the No1 side as well.

After a lot of time and effort, this side reached the same stage as the No2 side and the first primer has been applied.

A start has also been made on removing the rotten floor support wood floor bearers at the rear end/corridor connection.

Door jamb repairs have also been ongoing. Some door jambs had suffered rot behind each hinge mounting plate. This has been chiseled out and new sections of wood spliced in.

A number of doorways have suffered the ends of the threshold wood breaking away. In an ideal world with more volunteers, these would have been completed renewed, but for now repairs will have to suffice...