Monday, 16 May 2016

53437 & 53494 Moved to East Lancashire Railway

Two more of our vehicles have moved over the last couple of days from storage at Froghall (Churnet Valley Railway) to the safety of Bury on the East Lancashire Railway: DMBS 53437 and DMCL M53494. They are the only two surviving Class 104 power cars from the original build type with the cab roof mounted marker light and are therefore vehicles that deserve to be restored.

Having suffered from theft and vandalism over the years at Oakamoor and Froghall, they now have a more secure future. Both vehicles will need considerable work to get them back into traffic, including bodywork, a full rewire and internal refurbishment, which will start once other DMU cars at Bury that are currently under restoration are completed.

The departure of the two vehicles leaves the CVR with no DMU vehicles for the first time since 1992, ending just short of a quarter of a century of Class 104 activities. The longest Class 104 preservation story is now with the set at the Llangollen Railway which has been restored and maintained there for 23 years and counting.

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