Saturday, 12 March 2016

Restoration Update for M50455 & M56182

Restoration has been progressing simultaneously on power car M50455 at the East Lancs and trailer car M56182 at the North Norfolk. Below is a summary of what has been achieved in the first three months of 2016:

M50455 - Bury (East Lancasire Railway)

A great many man hours have continued to be spent on the preparation work for M50455’s repaint. Weeks of sanding and filling the two sides of the vehicle have been undertaken and the initial coat of primer paint has been applied to much of it.

It's not the end of the sanding though, as this first coat will need flatting off before more paint is applied, flatting off between each coat.

Other tasks have included cleaning up some multiple working jumper sockets to replace some that are cracked on the front end of the vehicle.

The current focus is on applying more primer and filler to improve the final finish of the paint which will be applied later this year.

M56182 - Weybourne (North Norfolk Railway)

The main focus with M56182 has been the winter project of rebuilding the six exterior doors. The first three were completed during 2015 so the past two months has seen the second half of the job progressed and a total of five have now received all their wooden framework repairs and are now repainted and ready to build back up again. The steel exterior door skins are yet to be tackled.

New switch panels have arrived for M56182's driver's desk. These have been manufactured by John Walton Engraving, and are faithful recreations of the original panels fitted to Class 104's during the 1950's. These black "Traffolyte" panels were all replaced during the 1970's with modified aluminium versions, which is what is currently fitted to all of the preserved Class 104's.

A new black sheet of "Formica" has also arrived, ready for covering the replacement cab desk. After a multitude of setbacks and challenges, the two windscreen wiper air operated motors have been completed and tested successfully after overhaul. They will now be stored safely until the cab is reconstructed and the wipers can be fitted. The current focus is on construction of a “restoration tent” which will allow the cab end to be welded later this year, as well as refurbishing the final exterior door.

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