Sunday, 24 January 2016

Filler Application Starts on M50455

An overall view of M50455 at the start of this month

The bodywork overhaul of M50455 has entered a new phase at Bury. All of the areas which do not require welding work have now been sanded down ready for the application of body filler. The last area to be treated was around the corridor connection at the rear of the vehicle.

The No2 side of M50455 has now had it's first dose of filler and has been flatted off. More filling and sanding and filling and sanding and filling and sanding will be required before the paint can start going on. The final finish is all in the preparation!

The bodywork on M50455 is far from in the best condition and will require a lower half re-skin at some point in the distant future. At the moment though, it's a case of trying to make the best of it.

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