Sunday, 19 July 2015

M50455 Overhaul Update

Work on the bodywork overhaul on M50455 has now started in earnest, with the vehicle entering the shed at Bury in mid June.

Bodywork has so far consisted of six new steel patches welded in and grinding out failed filler with primer being applied to the bare steel

Bodywork has so far consisted of six new steel patches welded in and grinding out failed filler with primer being applied to the bare steel

Grinding back failed filler and corrosion

Grinding back failed filler and corrosion


The bodysides themselves have received much attention, where sections have been immediately cut out to receive new steel or ground out where the old filler had failed. Plenty of primer has been applied on an ongoing basis as each section sees attention.

Grinding back failed filler and corrosion 
Grinding back failed filler and corrosion

Grinding back failed filler and corrosion

Grinding back failed filler and corrosion

Guards Van

The guards van area has been found to be in particularly poor condition, with much steel removed for full replacement and most of the windows and the exhaust silencers now also out to allow metalwork to progress.

Rusty steel cut out

The lettering applied in 2002

Welding a patch into the Guards van bodyside.

Mark removing No1 side exhaust.

Guards van end window during removal.

The remains of the bottom wood window gripper.

The state of things having removed the window.

Rotten window bottom awaiting a new section of steel.

Cab Area

The cab is the most corroded area of all, and the water ingress in this area had been the most pressing reason to withdraw the vehicle from traffic. After stripping out of the interior, the driver's windscreens have been removed which has allowed the removal of most of the corroded panelwork around the windows. A fair amount of the metal replacement to the cab front is now complete, but there are sections of corroded framework around the top still requiring attention.

Windscreens now removed
Drivers pass comm valve.....with plenty of steel needing renewal.....
Repairs to the windscreen demister.
Welding new windscreen surround steel
Welding new windscreen surround steel
The internal fibreglass dome is still in place. Hopefully all the steelwork can be done without the need to remove this too
What's left of the steel structure above the Driver's windscreen

Inside the destination blind box
The destination blind never worked correctly. After removing the outer roof dome it became clear as to the reason why. This support pillar had been knocked around an inch towards the No1 side as a result of its late 1980's collision. This has now been repaired.

Fibreglass Cab Dome

Additionally, the cab roof dome has been removed and the remains of the steel joining sections consigned to history. The dome was damaged during a collision in BR days and will require some serious repair work to replace the riveted patches that were fitted at the time. The fibreglass-to-steel interface was the location of much corrosion and steel delamination, and a number of hours have been spent simply carefully separating the two materials so that the dome can be safely removed (for repair) leaving the steel areas on the vehicle itself exposed ready for replacing.

Cab roof No1 side before removing BR's patches....

The join across the roof between the fibreglass cab dome and steel saloon section

BR bodge panels removed to reveal plenty of corrosion!

No2 side cab roof before removing BR's bodge patches!

Patches and gutter removed

Not much remains of the structure above the Drivers windscreen

The join between the fibreglass cab roof and the steel saloon roof

The state of things above the Secondmans door

A close up of the delaminating steel above the Secondmans door

IT'S OFF!! After a bit of a battle, the fibreglass external cab roof dome was removed!

Cleaning up the sealing face of the roof dome. This rebate is riveted inside the steel bodywork

After cleaning



The rivets and remains of the vehicles steel roof can clearly be seen in this shot. A new section of steel roof will have to be welded across the vehicle before the fibreglass section can be refitted to it

After removing the remains of the old steel

Removing one of the internal strengthening strips for the rivets

The upside down dome. It's going to need some careful fibreglass repairs

After removing all the old rivets, over half the old paint was sanded off

The old rivet holes which fixed the patches to the Secondmans side. Quite a bit of repair work required to this corner


Away from the bodywork, the first of the cracked multiple working jumper cable sockets has been removed to allow replacement. These may well be the cause of some earth leak faults on M50455 electrically.

The cracked multiple working socket, rear No2 side.
Mark removing the cracked MU socket


A lot is happening with M50455 at present and you can be a part of it! Contact us for more information on getting involved at Bury.

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